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Checkout all amazing features we have.

Order Management

  • Easy order management using admin app or web admin panel.
  • Professional Invoice creation in pdf for download & printing.
  • 1 click filtering & Export for all orders in excel sheet.
  • Manually create orders in system for offline / WhatsApp orders.
  • 1 Click list of pending products to deliver from all orders.
  • Reorder system for customers.
  • Complete Order Process - Pending, Confirmed, Dispatched, Delivered, Cancelled or returned.
  • Partial Payment for Orders when you want to charge partial amount online and partially on COD.
  • Order review and Ratings.
  • Allow customers to comment before placing order for custom needs.
  • Allow customers to upload images or prescription along with order.
  • Edit order for non available items with a credit note.

Catalog & Inventory Management

  • Add Products , Categories, Subcategories & Brands.
  • Inventory Management for maintaining stock.
  • Single variant & Multiple Variant Products.
  • Box with per piece pricing for Wholesale Businesses.
  • Bulk Export or import products into system.
  • Custom Product Page with Banners, Text & Videos.
  • Related and Recommended Products.
  • Tax & Bar Code / QR code Management.
  • Forms creation for vendor registration, dealer registration or any custom requirement.
  • Subscription Products : Customers can order for Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Used for regular orders like Milk, Grocery, Diapers, etc
  • Product review and ratings Management.
  • Product Share on Multiple Channels.

Messages & Broadcast

  • Real time messaging system to interact with clients.
  • Broadcast Messages with image and text for promotional offers.
  • Used as feedback or support channel for clients.

Content Management & Design Studio

  • Create Multiple Content Pages for team, press release or any content page.
  • Add Sliding banners, static banners, text, video or pdf as content.
  • Show selected categories, brands, products, services according to your need.
  • Advanced Linking for banners with Products, Categories, Subcategories, brands or any other content.
  • Separate Content for App & Website.
  • Pages for About us, FAQ, Contact US, Terms of Services or Policies.
  • Customise designs of app & website in few clicks (coming soon).

Multi Roles Management

  • Customers : Can shop on Apple App, Android App or Website.
  • Admins : Owner or Management team of business who can complete access of System.
  • Managers : Assigned for specific task like product upload, chat with customers or order management.
  • Delivery Agents : They can check all orders assigned to them and deliver.
  • Dealers / Retailers : For b2b business, retailer can see different pricing than customers.
  • Vendors: For Multi Vendor system. Vendor can access orders and products.
  • Create unlimited admins, delivery agents, customers, managers or dealers.
  • Add users manually in system for offline or whatsapp users.
  • Export All users in Excel on 1 click.

Extensive Reporting & Analytics

  • Sales Reports.
  • Category wise Sales Reports.
  • Products wise Sales Reports.
  • Brands Wise Sales Reports.
  • Services wise sales reports.
  • Users wise Sales Reports.
  • Tax Reports.
  • Area / Pincode wise Sales Reports.
  • Vendor Reports.
  • Coupons Reports.
  • Referral Reports.
  • Users cart Reports.
  • Users Search Reports.

Promotional Features

  • Coupon codes.
  • In App Wallet for refunding for orders or promoting new users.
  • Free Products on Orders.
  • Cashback for orders.
  • Refer n Earn for promoting app.
  • Promo Popup for promoting offers.
  • Special Offer Page for displaying all offers.
  • Membership Plan to create members and give free delivery or discounts.
  • Limited Time Deal to show sale for few hours or days with countdown.
  • In stock / abandoned cart Notifications.
  • App Share using WhatsApp or other platforms.

Service Management for providing services

  • Add services like Saloon at home, Repairing, Medicine delivery, AC servicing, etc.
  • Schedule available time slots for services.
  • Allow customers to upload Prescription or any images for repairing.
  • Charge Payments after service.

Business to Business Features

  • B2b Retail & wholesale System. Separate prices for Wholesale & Retail system.
  • B2b Restricted Access : Allow only authorised users to access app and website.
  • B2b Price based on request : Allow only authorised users to check prices on app and website.
  • B2b Quotation System : Get quotation request list from customers and easily send them quotation upto final approval.
  • B2b pricing & discount slabs based on quantities.
  • Catalog Share option to share images and product content easily on other platforms.

Multi Vendor / Multi Tenant System Features

  • Allow vendors to check their orders and prepare for pickup.
  • Allow Vendors to upload or Manage their products.
  • Show Vendor Page with all products on Website and app.
  • Set different commissions for products of vendor.
  • Get Vendor specific reports for sales and commission.
  • Show products from nearest vendor to users.
  • Timing for vendors to automatically disable orders after registered time. (Used by Restaurants).
  • Instant notifications to Vendor, Delivery agent or admin for orders and pickup.

Extensive Intra City Delivery Features

  • Instant Delivery Management: when order needs to be delivered in 60 mins or few hours.
  • Delivery Schedule : Allow customers to choose delivery date and time.
  • Delivery Slots : Create different slots and manage limit order limit for every slot.
  • Delivery by KM : Charge delivery charges customer based on distance between your store and customer.
  • Delivery by Weight : Charge delivery charges based on weight of products.
  • Pincode Wise Delivery : Separate Delivery charges for different pinches. Get all pinches list available in system.
  • Area Wise Delivery : Separate GEO Area Wise delivery Charges based on user's location.
  • Store Pickup : Allow customers to pickup order from store.
  • Real Time Delivery Navigation : Show real time tracking of delivery agent on maps to customer as well as admin.
  • Free Delivery & Estimated time of delivery management.

Multi City / Inter City Delivery Features

  • Shiprocket Integration to integrate 30+ leading delivery partners.
  • Choose different couriers for different orders.
  • Easily create invoice, shipping label, manifest for every order.
  • Auto tracking feature for customers to track orders.
  • Auto Shipping price calculation based on shipping weight of Products.

Multi Payment Options

  • Cash on Delivery Orders.
  • Pay online on Delivery.
  • Credit cards, debit cards, EMI, UPI, Net Banking, Google Pay, Phone Pe, Payu, Airtel Money, Jio Money and other wallets.
  • Razorpay Integration.
  • Paytm Integration.
  • Stripe Integration.
  • Paypal Integration.
  • Cashfree Integration.
  • Manual UPI / Barcode / Account payment. Used by B2b to handle large payments.
  • Custom Payment option like Pay by Cheque, Account transfer or any custom payment.

SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Push Notifications

  • SMS notifications for orders.
  • Email Notifications for orders.
  • WhatsApp Notifications for orders.
  • App Push Notifications for orders, messages, cart or product stock.
  • Twilio Integration for SMS, Email and WhatsApp Messages.

Built-In SEO in Website

  • Amazing Loading Speed.
  • Built using best practices for SEO.
  • Easily indexed and searchable by Google Bots.
  • Complete Custom SEO for website, products, categories, brands and service.
  • Auto Sitemap Creation and Update for Website.
  • Add Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager or any custom script or meta tags.

Multi City / Multi Region System

  • Take multiple store online on one platform.
  • Launch business in multiple regions.
  • Deliver to customer based on nearest region.
  • Separate Inventory & Delivery Management for multiple stores.
  • Separate Reports & Management for stores.

Advanced Search with AI

  • Advanced searching for products. Customers can easily search products.
  • Search results based on Artificial Intelligence to provide relevant search for customer.
  • Easy Search Customisation with search keywords.
  • Advanced Related products feature.
  • Search reports based on user.
  • Custom Filters Setup for Catalog filtering.

Reselling Feature

  • Business allows resellers to sell directly from app.
  • Resellers can modify prices and place orders on behalf of customers.
  • Business delivers products directly to customers with modified price.
  • Resellers earns custom profits for selling business products.

Pick & Drop Feature

  • Companies or startups which provide pick and drop services to customers.
  • Customer selects pickup address, destination address and pays delivery amount.
  • Delivery agent pickup and deliver order to customer.

Multiple Countries / Currencies

  • Take your business across countries and deliver to international markets.
  • Multiple currencies to handle payment based on native currency of countries.
  • Showcase different products in different countries.
  • Handle Different Shipping options based on country.

Multi-languages : App & Website available in 26 different languages

English, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, German, Spanish, Persian, French, Gujrati, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Dutch, Oriya, Punjabi, Russian, Sindhi, Somali, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Urdu, Chinese.

Weekly Backups and Reliability

  • More than 99% Availability of System.
  • Weekly backups.
  • Daily backups possible on request.
  • Advanced Technologies to handle Millions of Customers.

Content Creation

  • Banners Creations.
  • Category & Brand Images and description content creation.
  • Product Upload with Images & Description.
  • Custom Designing of System according to your need.
  • Featured Videos and pdf creation for system.

Social Media Marketing

  • Online & Offline Marketing strategy.
  • Organic Posts & Stories on Instagram
  • Organic Posts & Videos on Facebook.
  • Paid Marketing posts on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Google Ads.